TEAMS strives to

  • Achieve excellence in Math and Science
  • Develop analytical thinking skills
  • Teach students to think in steps
  • Learn Problem Solving Techniques
  • Application of math concepts to real life situations
  • Mental Math
  • Intuitive and Logical Thinking
  • Reasoning, Judgment and Estimation
  • Feeling of team work, accomplishment and pride

TEAMS - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TEAMS philosophy?

"Catching them young and making progress one student at a time."
This is the TEAMS philosophy proven every day.

Who will be teaching my child?

An experienced math teacher.

How does TEAMS relate to school work? Will what they learn carry over to school?

We follow the school curriculum. Most importantly we teach the same methods as taught in the classroom.

Can I have a assessment lesson any time during the term? Can I join in the middle of term?

Yes. contact us to arrange a suitable time.

What options do I have for payment?

Payments are required quarterly.

Fees schedule is :

Quarterly (10 weeks) $ 250

What is discount for siblings?

We give 10% discount for a sibling.

What is referral discount?

We give 20% discount for each referred student for one quarter.

Does the program clash with what is taught at School?

TEAMS is based on Pre-K to 8th grade curriculum of elementary and middle schools. It covers all topics that are taught in school. Hence, the students can use the program effectively in addendum to their school assignments.

When is it appropriate to enroll into TEAMS program?

TEAMS program is designed for students in Kindergarten to 8th grade. Students who start the program early on build a solid foundation of math and its related concepts.

The program is also a very helpful tool for all those students who feel challenged with basic math skills.

What is my role as a parent?

As a parent your role is critical in the development of your child's math skills using this program.
Encourage your child.
Assigned homework should be done in a timely manner.

What is the pattern of a class?

Introduce new concepts
Solve examples / contest questions
Review homework problems

How are students advanced to the next level?

The students are graded at each level for speed, accuracy, and application of mathematical processes. Their performance is monitored and feedback is provided to parents.

When they achieve a satisfactory level of performance in current level, they are advanced to the next level.

More questions?

Email us with your inquiry or contact us at TEAMS.

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