TEAMS strives to

  • Achieve excellence in Math and Science
  • Develop analytical thinking skills
  • Teach students to think in steps
  • Learn Problem Solving Techniques
  • Application of math concepts to real life situations
  • Mental Math
  • Intuitive and Logical Thinking
  • Reasoning, Judgment and Estimation
  • Feeling of team work, accomplishment and pride

How it works?

TEAMS is an after school math and science coaching organization. We provide group math and science coaching for children in elementary and middle school.

Each student is placed in an appropriate class based on his or her performance in the placement test. Classroom teaching is provided. The curriculum is based on math competitions and school curriculum. TEAMS maintains a complete work record for each student. Previously taught material is consistently revised to ensure retention and understanding. Every five weeks, a test is conducted to assess students' progress. The results are recorded, and they are also shared with parents. Feedback on students' progress is provided to the parents.

STEP 1: Assessment

Please send us an email at to schedule an assessment.

In case you need assistance, please send an email to

STEP 2: Enrollment

After the student has completed the assessment, you may enroll him or her to the program.

THE Quarterly FEES: $ 250 (10 weeks)

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